Deposit Contest + Promotion!
Started by admin 2018-10-30 at 23:24

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Started by admin 2018-10-30 at 23:24
Welcome dear members!

This it will be our second Deposit Contest!

It will be $400 in total prizes and will be divided like this:
1 - 200 Account Balance
2 - 125 Account Balance
3 - 60 Purchace Balance
4 - 10 Purchace Balance
5 - 5 Purchace Balance

The rules are simple:
You have to deposit /add funds to your account and you will be automatically registered for the Contest.

Deposit Promotion
Check the
Halloween Deposit Promotion: HERE

The Contest and Promotion will last 4 days and will be distributed after 12-48h!

End on: 3/November 2018. Time server: 23:59.

Wish everyone good earnings!